Ethics & Compliance



Ethics & Compliance

Following the entrance of Israel to the work group of combating against bribery, on December 2008, and to the corruption prevention treaty on March 2009, the General Director of the Defense Ministry set guidelines for the adoption and implementation of compliance program aimed at preventing bribery and corruption, and that will form a condition for receiving marketing and export licenses from the Defense Export Control Agency (DECA) as of the year 2011.

The standards of the OECD require doing business ethically and morally all over the world and at all levels.

The company management considers the issue of compliance of the utmost importance, all employees in Israel and abroad are committed to the program and procedures on the subject.

The Armaz Group compliance program operates at three levels: prevention, control and punishment, and it is available upon request.

Here is a link to Armaz Group CEO letter of commitment.

letter from the CEO.pdf

Compliance Policy - OECD